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A History of DeWalt

DeWalt ToolsThe DeWalt Inc. we know today began life as the DeWalt Products Company. It`s founding director, Raymond DeWalt had spent a life time around mills and construction sites after following in his father`s footsteps. Whilst working in a mill, DeWalt had major concerns about the safety of his co-workers and the high costs of labour jobs.

Determined to improve working conditions, DeWalt rigged special machines that provided more safety for him and his colleagues. After being promoted to a managerial position, DeWalt was faced with another dilemma when his bosses want to increase production, but was not prepared to increase pay. Men had to work more for less. DeWalt resolved the problem by designing a saw that enabled his men to be more productive.

Having identified his gift for inventing tools and safety equipment, DeWalt designed and manufactured the first radial arm machine. In 1924, he opened a plant in Leola Pennsylvania where he created and marketed his major product – an electric woodworking machine he called the “Wonder-Worker.”

DeWalt Power Tools

DeWalt Power ToolsFive years later DeWalt opened another plant with modernized equipment in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and continued with his success. In 1947, the company was reorganized and became DeWalt Inc. By 1953 the company had expanded into Canada. With the advancements in technology during the 1960`s and 70`s, DeWalt Inc. introduced a string of new products including a grinder and metal cutting machines. These innovative machines would lay the foundations for the development of power tools.

Sure enough, in 1992, DeWalt Inc. launched a revolutionary line of portable power tools and accessories. Two years later cordless power tools came out on the market and included screwdrivers, a selection of drills, saws, flashlights and impact wrenches among other pieces of equipment. They proved overwhelmingly popular with woodworkers, re modelers and residential contractors.

By the turn of the century DeWalt Inc. was manufacturing over 200 electric power tools and some 800 accessories. Taking advantage of the latest technologies and doing their piece for the environment the company introduced ion-lithium battery that was universal to their products and could be switched from one power tool to the next.

DeWalt Safety Wear

In an echo that harked backed to the concerns over safety their founder had, DeWalt recently introduced a line-up of safety work wear including protective gloves, hard helmets, ear protectors and safety goggles. They also introduced heavy duty boots and low rise trousers specifically designed to be worn for users of the tools.

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