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Counting the Cost of Workplace Accidents

 Workplace Accidents

Working around heavy items, moving vehicles and hazardous materials is always going to leave you and your employees open to a degree of chance of suffering a workplace accident. With the rising costs of workplace insurance and paying compensation claims or providing pay for time off after an accident, businesses are often seeking to save money wherever possible. However, given recent statistics released by the Health and Safety Executive, cutting the budget for employee clothing looks more counter-productive than ever. Compared to the financial and human cost of preventable accidents, garments available from Your Workwear represent great value for money, and peace of mind. Continue reading

Reduce Liability for Accidents at Work With The Correct Safety Accessories

Safety Accessories

In the UK, Health and Safety Regulations state that employers have a duty of care to provide their employees with the correct protective clothing that is suitable for the specific working environment.  It is determined that employees who are exposed to potential dangers in the work place should be equipped with suitable safety work wear – and that includes safety accessories that are sometimes overlooked. Continue reading