A History of Grafters

Grafters WorkbootsIn terms of designing specialist workwear, Grafters is very much the new kid on the block, but we think they have a bright future ahead of them. Drawing inspiration from historical traditions in the design and manufacturing of protective clothing, Grafters produce high-quality footwear for the contemporary professional.

Grafter was founded in 2005, but have come a long way since then. The company is an eclectic collaborative experience, made by a team of qualified individuals who combined their talents and knowledge to create stylish-looking protective boots that feel great to wear yet robust enough to handle almost any type of working condition.

Part of the teams design process involves working closely with their customers to understand what footwear is most suitable for the environment their employees are exposed to. They also get involved with corporate events to understand the demands of industry. As a result, Grafters manufacture a comprehensive range of styles that are suitable for numerous workplaces.

Grafters Future

Grafters look to have a good future ahead of them. With backgrounds in textiles, fashion and graphic design among others key skills they combine their knowledge and experience to design the perfect boot to the minutest of details. As a new brand, they are dedicated to exploring fresh ideas that better suit the modern workforce.

Committed to serving their customers exact requirements, their focus is firmly on quality rather than quantity but for a price that is affordable to a wider audience than established companies charge for high-end quality.

Dedicated research is given to the products function and background and are handcrafted so you get more wear from the shoe. Grafters are among the most durable protective footwear products on the market.

Grafters at Your Workwear

It is because of the quality of craftsmanship that Your Workwear are pleased to include Grafters as part of our collection of protective clothing and equipment. We feel Grafters are one of the emerging stars in the industry and take great pride in being able to offer our customers their products.

With connections in the Far East Grafters are able to produce better quality results for less cost to the customer. This way, Grafters can target a market that fills the gap between high-street brands with lesser quality and premiums brands for a higher price.

Protective Footwear

Your Workwear supply a good variety of Grafters safety boots that are suitable to a wide range of customers. Designs include dealer boots, safety boots, scuff toe safety rigger, uniform safety boots and hiking boots.

For more details about the Grafters products available at Your Work Wear, check out our online catalogue. You will find their collection includes an excellent choice of men’s protective footwear for a wide range of work places and outdoor activities.

When you find the product you would like to buy simply add it to your shopping cart and head for check-out. If you would like advice or assistance call a member of our friendly sales team and they will be happy to help.