How The Right Garment Can Be A Lifesaver

Workplace Injuries & SafetyWorking in certain environments can be hazardous to even the most experienced of tradesperson, and looking at the statistics published by the Health and Safety Executive makes for sad reading when you consider how many of the accidents could have been prevented had the appropriate work wear garments been worn by the victims. In this article, we at Your Work Wear would like to demonstrate some of the reportable injuries, how they may occur, and recommend an item that could have prevented the accident or injury.

Amputation of an Arm, Hand, Finger, Thumb, Leg, Foot or Toe

Steve was cutting leather to upholster a sofa, as he did so, the shears slipped and removed his finger. The accident cost the company thousands in sickness pay and compensation and Steve had to find a new career. If Steve had been provided with a pair of Cut Resistant Gloves, the accident may not have had such dramatic consequences. These Gloves cost as little as £3.99 a pair.

Harry had a close call once when a heavy box was dropped from a van at the depot he works in, and landed on his toes. Luckily he was wearing safety boots with a steel toe cap. So now Harry makes sure he always wears a pair of Safety Boots, as they cost as little as £9.99 a pair, and with all different kinds to choose from, he knows there will always be the right kind of boot for him.

Permanent Loss of Sight or Reduction of Sight

Whilst working in the Laboratory on a new cleaning product, the container Emma was working with was accidentally knocked by a colleague, leading to the product entering Emma’s eyes. This lead to Emma losing the sight in her eyes. Her permanent disability has changed her life and lead to the Laboratory being closed down. These Goggles would have saved Emma’s sight.

Sarah works as a metal engraver, so she makes sure she always wears our Safety Spectacles to make sure that no shards of glass can enter her eyes and damage them. Knowing there is a range from as little as £1.39 per pair means she can always afford to care for her eyesight.

Unconsciousness Caused by Head Injury or Asphyxia

Bob worked in a factory which had a lot of items stored horizontally. Whilst trying to find an item in the stores, Bob bumped his head against a steel beam and was knocked unconscious. He required hospital treatment for a number of weeks. Had Bob been wearing one of our Bump Caps he would not have injured his head as badly in the accident.

Simon works on building sites, and often encounters hazards. He wears this Hard Hat as he can wear it with these Ear Defenders and ensure that his whole head is kept safe from all of the noise and falling items. It only cost him around £10 for this all round solution from Your Work Wear.

So please, don’t count the cost of an accident, instead take a look at our site and see just how cost effective peace of mind can be!