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Sheets & Cleaning at Your Workwear

We at Your Workwear sell cotton dust sheets, centre feed rolls, trade wipes and tarpaulins which are all available to buy via our easy to navigate website. Click on the view icon to read more details about all of our sheets and cleaning products to get a good idea of how much these items will cost you when ordered in bulk. Our Cento centre feed rolls for example come in a six pack, if you purchase 20+ or 72+ rolls of these handy two ply paper towels you can make amazing savings.

Check out our Harris Tarpaulins that are made from heavy duty reinforced polythene. These are UV stabilised, shrink and rot proof with aluminium eyelets including rope reinforced edges. If you enjoy DIY, or need a protective cover for your car or camping trailer the tarpaulins we sell will definitely do a good job. They can also be used to cover timber during inclement weather keeping the wood dry and ready for use. We also sell 100% pure cotton dust sheets that are ideal to protect surfaces from dirt and dust being especially useful for painters or those people who are refurbishing rooms wishing to cover furniture.

Last but by no means least under Your Workwear accessories section are super strong anti bacterial trade wipes. They have maximum absorption along with aloe vera to keep skin moist while killing most well-known germs. Affordable wipes have been dermatologically tested and are very safe to use on most types of skin. Used to clean hands, surfaces and tools, trade wipes remove grease, oil, sealants, adhesive and water based paints, so are extremely useful in factories or home environments. Each wet wipe pack contains fifty thick beaded wet cloths, the good news is the more you order the more savings you can make.