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Knee Pads

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Knee Pads at Your Workwear

For workers who have to kneel down to carry out their jobs heavy duty gel knee pads and foldable knee pads are the answers to protect knees. Your Workwear sell work trousers of all descriptions that have knee pad pockets which are ideal to put knee pads in for extra comfort and protection.

Heavy duty nylon construction gel knee pads resist abrasion and tear, they are adjustable with clip buckles for easy fitting along with having hard shell caps to ease swivelling. Having a gel foam centre also helps with even weight distribution and all round superior styling, knee pads are perfect for your employees who are maybe mechanics, brick layers, construction workers or tilers. Our foldable black moulded knee pads that measure 16.5 x 21.5 mms have universal sizing, ergonomic designs and moulds round the knees which can be trimmed to the required size. They fit perfectly into knee pad pocket work trousers and are a boon to protect knees.

When ordering 10+ or 50+ pairs you can make amazing savings. Ordering online is straightforward to do, all you have to do is register your personal details, fill in the appropriate information and click the “add to cart” icon. It’s plain sailing from there. In no time at all you’ll receive your order of comfortable knee pads to distribute to your staff who in turn will appreciate these wonderful products to wear when carrying out their specific jobs.

It’s essential to protect the knees. If staff suffer from knee pain it will make them unable to do their job to your satisfaction as well as personnel having to take time off work due to knee stresses and strains. Check out our foldable and heavy duty gel knee pads to see how they can benefit you and your workforce.