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SuperTouch Gloves

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Cotton Chrome Gloves

From  £0.80

PVC Dip Gauntlet

From  £1.65

Elite Rigger

From  £1.70

Canadian Plus

From  £1.75

Excel Rigger

From  £1.75

Double Palm Rigger

From  £2.55

Premier Rigger

From  £2.65

Kevlar Gloves

From  £4.25

Premier Plus Rigger

From  £4.95

Tig Welder®

From  £4.95

Yellow Hide Rigger

From  £4.95

Super Tig Welder®

From  £5.95
Showing 1 to 16 of 21 | View All

SuperTouch Gloves at Your Workwear

Providing Quality Protective Workwear. Welcome to Supertouch. Our goal is to build strong relationships with our customers – by supplying quality protective workwear, at the right price, with outstanding levels of client service.Whether it’s hi-vis jackets for railway workers, disposable gloves for food safety, lab coats for technicians or flame-retardant coveralls for high-risk environments, we aim to supply workwear at a consistent quality and a competitive price. Because safety and protection matters to everyone, our products are used in a wide range of industries and have a vast range of applications.